VCP’s Steinway-style grand piano toplids are a revolution in the trade. Utilizing unique 7-ply construction, a VCP lid will never split or exhibit flaking veneer, not true of the original manufacturer’s offering. The core is made of a rigid, lightweight stock that is surrounded by a 3″ wide hardwood band at the perimeter of the lid, achieved via a continuous series of mitered joints. As well, a hardwood inlay is placed within the structure at the continuous hinge cut line. Therefore all eventual hinge screws and case buttons will bind into a firm foundation. Our model D lid has additional internal bracing which coincides with the locations of the underside stiffening battens and the lid stick engaging area, further guarding against droop when the lid is either raised or lowered, or when captured in the open position.

The composite core is then cross-banded with the appropriate face veneers. For example, a “walnut” lid has solid walnut inlayed around the perimeter, and has walnut veneer top and bottom. The final edge detail is then machined, resulting in a walnut appearance on any viewable surface of the product. There is no veneer to ever loosen or flake, there is no exposed end grain anywhere on the product, and the core will never split like the original unit it replaces. Raised panel (vintage) and ogee (modern era) edge details are available.

Our lid is cut in half at the fold line, and then mortised for the continuous hinge. Lid logs and lock bars are available at additional cost.

VCP makes toplids for all Steinway grand piano models: S,M,L,O, A (all iterations), B (all iterations), C, and D. Maple-for-ebony, plain mahogany, figured mahogany and walnut are our standard face veneers, though we can produce any toplid in any veneer imaginable as a special-order. Rosewood lids for older models A-D are available as well.

VCP also offers custom lid fabrication for any other brand of grand piano at additional cost. A paper pattern of the existing lid or a tracing of the top of the rim along with several other dimensions are all that is required. Expect a 6 week fabrication time for non-Steinway lids.

Like the remainder of our product line, VCP’s toplids are provided unfinished, smooth-sanded, and ready for fitting to the case.


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