Single Stick Lid Props

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This is the single-stick Lid Prop that Steinway & Sons used on its entire grand
piano line from the 1870s until their conversion to a two-stick prop. We make this
part with the correct offset angle at the hinge end to conform to the rim curve, and
the mortise for the hinge is also provided. This topstick is overly long at 36-3/4″.
The rebuilder will trim it to length so that it forms a proper 90-degree angle with
the lid when opened. VCP manufactures this part in maple-for-ebony, plain mahogany, ribbon mahogany, walnut, and Brazilian rosewood (on a mahogany core).


• 36-3/4″ long
$155 maple
$166 mahogany
$178 walnut
$213 Brazilian rosewood

plus boxing and shipping