Sketch 380 Pedal Lyre




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This is our execution of Steinway’s ubiquitous Sketch 380 Pedal Lyre. This lyre, in one iteration or another, has been used on virtually every standard production case from around 1910 to the present. This case part is heavy and rugged. The two columns are tenoned and splined into pedal box and top plate, consistent with Steinway design, to render decades of dependable use. Steinway’s proprietary metal pedal faceplate and pivot assembly will drop right into this pedal box, and the three rear openings readily accept the pedal raviolis (cushions). All of Vintage Case Part’s dimensions are spot on, including the overall assembled height of 21”. The top plate is coved on the backside to permit use of modern adjustable pedal lift rods. We make this lyre in maple-for-ebony and solid mahogany.

Note: The fore/aft location of the mortise in the lyre’s top block that accommodates the male locking cleat moved somewhat over many decades of Steinway’s production, and across all models of Steinway grand pianos. The rebuilder may have to move the circular mortise provided by Vintage Case Parts to ensure the correct location of our lyre on the bottom of the candidate piano. In this instance, the remains of our mortise may be filled as desired.

• 21″ tall
$2100 maple
$2175 mahogany
$30 boxing fee plus shipping