Rounded-Front Music Desk Frame End Panels

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VCP’s Rounded-Front Music Desk Frame End Panels are designed to be used either with our spanning rails or the piano’s original rails. Steinway used this rounded-front design from the 1870’s until about 1920. We manufacture this part, sold in pairs, in maple-for-ebony, mahogany, and Brazilian rosewood.
VCP manufactures this product in three widths: narrow, standard, and wide. 85-note instruments use the narrow dimension, virtually all 88-note models A,B, and O employ the standard panel, and 88-note models C and D require the wide dimension. Please specify when ordering. If in doubt, please furnish a width dimension of the inside of the rim along with the piano’s model and serial number.


• Narrow: 8″ wide by 12-1/2″ long
• Standard: 9″ wide by 13-1/2″ long
• Wide: 10″ wide by 14-1/2″ long

All panels are a nominal 1″ thick

$596 maple
$642 mahogany
$676 Brazilian rosewood

$25 boxing fee plus shipping