Music Desk Frame Spanning Rails

(Click for larger image)

VCP’s Music Desk Frame Spanning Rails are to be used with either our Rounded-Front End Panels or our Square Scalloped End Panels, or they may be employed with the original Steinway end panels. Typically the rear rail glues in the mortises on end panels, the front rail screws in through the male dovetail from beneath. The detail of the veining in the front rail that supports the player’s sheet music is exquisite.
Note: The VCP Front Rail has been upgraded to include four hinge mortises. (Click on the above photo to view.) As Steinway discovered over time, the use of four hinges to attach the desk to the rail makes for a stronger assembly and deters sag in the rail. All VCP Front Rails now implement four hinge mortises. Please take this into consideration when ordering.  Sold in pairs, we manufacture these vintage rails in maple-for-ebony, mahogany, walnut, and bubinga (for rosewood pianos).

• 36″ long (excluding tenon/dovetail)


$508 maple
$592 mahogany
$634 walnut
$600 rosewood (bubinga)

$25 boxing fee plus shipping