Solid Brass Hinges

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Vintage Case Parts provides solid brass hinges for attaching the Music Desk to the Desk Frame. Until now, the specific size of this hinge has been very difficult to locate within the rebuilding supply business. Our hinge will fit the original Steinway mortise as well as the mortise on the VCP spanning rail.
The forward spanning rail on the VCP Desk Frame now has four hinge mortises to prevent sag, an improvement Steinway also made during the lifetime of the component. When using the original Steinway rails or desk in rebuilding a music desk assembly be apprised some of the older factory rails have only three mortises. Be certain of the required number of hinges for your project when ordering.

•1 -3/4″ wide by 1 -3/8″ long (when fully open)

$7 each

plus boxing and shipping