Recessed Panel Spade Legs

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These are VCP’s Recessed Panel Spade Legs. Steinway used these Sketch 380 legs product-wide on models A-D from about 1910 until the ’40s. This detailed style has not been available to the trade from the original manufacturer for at least six decades.
The VCP legs have truly recessed panels on all facets and capital, and incorporate a pocket for the attaching cleat, a caster recess, and the locking cam wedge block on the backside. Either original Steinway or modern supply house casters may be employed.
We manufacture these legs for models A-D in solid maple, mahogany and walnut. With these offerings, no faux-finishing is required of the rebuilder for natural-finish instruments.

• 22″ tall (nominal)
• Combined height of leg with standard 1¾” swivel caster and socket installed: 24″


$3026 maple

$3220 mahogany

$3350 Walnut
(price is for set of three)

$60 boxing fee plus shipping