Octagonal “Tulip” or “Tiffany” Legs

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These are VCP’s Octagonal “Tulip” or “Tiffany” Legs. Steinway referred to these legs as Style 14. These legs appeared in the early 1900s on models A and B, and some early model Os. This detailed style has never been available to the trade.
The VCP Octagonal legs feature accurate replication of the carved volutes on the capital. The octagonal leg column and its detailed foot are crisp and clean. This leg incorporates a pocket for the attaching cleat and a caster recess to accommodate modern supply house caster sockets.
We manufacture these legs in clear white poplar. These legs are not recommended for models C or D.


  • 21-3/4″ tall (nominal).
  • Combined height of leg and standard 1 ¾” swivel caster and socket installed: 23-½”

$3406 maple
(set of 3)
$60 boxing fee plus shipping