Music Desk Frame Kit

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This is VCP’s Music Desk Frame Kit, pictured here in assembled Rounded-Front style in Brazilian rosewood. See the descriptions of our vintage Rounded-Front and Sketch 380 Square Scalloped End Panels for period-appropriate usage on your candidate piano.
The kit consists of four components: two spanning rails and two end panels. The rails tenon and dovetail into the end panels per original Steinway joinery design. The rebuilder trims the unit in width to fit the piano, and then rabbets  the ends to accept the rim runners. Both tasks are easily performed before the kit is assembled.
VCP offers this kit in maple-for-ebony, mahogany, walnut, and Brazilian rosewood (Rounded-Front style only).

The Rounded-Front Kit (for “vintage” Steinways) is available in three widths: narrow, standard, and wide. Refer to the Music Desk End Panel product description(s) for a complete explanation.

• Narrow: 52″ wide by 12-1/2″ deep (for 85-note Steinways)
• Standard: 54″ wide by 13-1/2″ deep (for most 88-note Steinways)
• Wide: 56″ wide by 14-1/2″ deep (for 88-note C&D Steinways)

The Square Scalloped Kit (for “modern” Steinways) is available in the 56” wide configuration, suitable for Sketch 380 models S-D. The panels measure 10-5/16” wide by 11” deep.



All frame kits (end panels) are a nominal 1″ thick

$1104 round end kit in maple
$1234 round end kit in mahogany
$1276 round end kit in rosewood
$1133 square end kit in maple
$1263 square end kit in plain mahogany
$1289 square end kit in mottled mahogany
$1353 square end kit in walnut

$30 boxing fee plus shipping