VCP Keyslip Moldings

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The VCP Keyslip is available in maple, mottled mahogany, walnut, and rosewood. All profiles including the thickness, height, ogee contour, and bottom bevel conform exactly to vintage Steinway specifications. Unlike the current-production overly large replacement keyslip available from S&S, this part fits vintage Steinways perfectly and looks right at home on the instrument. The VCP keyslip is long enough for any model Steinway piano. The molding is provided without any of the necessary keybed anchor pin drilling or backside mortising at the cheek blocks – these operations are to be performed by the restorer, custom fit to the candidate piano.

Length: 56-1/8″
Height: 1-7/8″
Thickness: 5/8″

$196 maple
$265 mahogany
$280 walnut
$297 rosewood

$10 boxing fee plus shipping